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Honeywell WebPAD™ II Internet Appliance

Now with 11 Mbit data rate, Easier-to-view TFT screen, MacroMedia Flash, Java Virtual Machine, Viewers for .pdf, .doc, .ppt, . xls files, WinowsCE 3.0 and 64M RAM for improved performance

Full-Featured, Wireless Web Surfing and E-mail in Your Home, Office or Yard Now a Reality!

The NEW Honeywell WebPAD™ II Internet Appliance - an easy-to-use, portable tool for wireless, high-speed connection to the Internet and centralized home control applications. Weighing less than three pounds and measuring less than an inch thick and about the size of a standard sheet of paper. The Honeywell WebPAD™ II device allows a user to surf the Internet, send , receive e-mail, and enter information via a wireless touch screen display at higher speed and with more features. The device uses a 802.11b radio to link to a 802.11b access point-- that's connected to broadband cable or DSL or a dial-up phone connection. Enjoy the benefits of a high-bandwidth Wireless connection from anywhere inside or outside the home within 330 feet of an access point.