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Honeywell Home Controller Gateway

Honeywell launches its Home Controller Gateway, bringing the power of the Internet to your home.

The All-In-One Security, Comfort and Convenience System
That Web-enables Your Home For Today - And Tomorrow.

The Internet is revolutionizing how people communicate, do business, and take care of errands because it vaporizes restrictions of time and distance. The innovative Honeywell Home Controller taps that power to transform what your home can do for you.

It's the first Web-enabled, all-in-one security, comfort control and home convenience system. Lights, appliances, safety and security sensors, your heating-cooling-ventilation equipment - they can all work together automatically, making your life easier and more enjoyable, saving you time, steps, worry and work.

Home Controller GatewayTM Actual Size:
Width 11.28 inches
Height 15.85 inches
Depth 2.08 inches

home controller gateway

And, because it links your home to the Internet, the Home Controller transforms your ability to check on things at home, at any time, from anyplace. In fact, you get six options for in-home and remote control.

Plus, there's no need to buy separate systems, risk incompatibility or worry about "instant obsolescence." The Home Controller comes with a rich array of fully integrated, "most wanted" features.

Peace of mind. Security. Convenience. Optimum comfort when it counts.
Continuous cost and energy-savings whether you're asleep or away. Future-proof
upgradability that protects your investment today…
while preparing your home for "must have" future innovations.

It's as easy to enjoy those benefits as it is to use the Honeywell Home Controller GatewayTM.