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Honeywell Home Controller GatewayTM

honeywell controller remote convenience gateway

In-home and Remote Control is Easier Than Ever

1 PC: Use any desktop or laptop PC with Internet access - at home, at work or on the road - to log into your own personal server and access your customizable home page. This server is password protected with its own firewall. Anytime, anywhere, you'll be "virtually" at home, and able to use your browser to control lights, appliances, security system, thermostat and more.

2 Wireless Information Appliance: These increasingly popular wireless units can also provide remote control through your Honeywell Home Controller home page.

3 Touch-tone phone: Follow simple voice prompts to check  the status of your system or make changes.

4 Special key chain remote: This small remote control lets you arm/disarm your security system from the driveway as you approach or leave home.

5 Thermostat: Make program changes or temporary adjustments at the integrated Honeywell thermostat.

6 Control panel: This wall-mounted panel gives you single-point, in-home control. Its large LCD displays, at-a-glance, current settings and conditions.

Integrated For Today, Adaptable For Tomorrow

The basic system includes the:

  • Home Controller GatewayTM base unit,
  • wall-mounted control pad,
  • security system,
  • communicating thermostat, and
  • Two-way X10 plug-in modules to control your lights and appliances using your standard house wiring.

It's all customizable to fit your lifestyle, with optional add-ons and upgradability to meet your changing needs:

Security and safety

A professionally monitored Honeywell security system is designed to alert help - even if you're not home, even if family members are there alone. It also can immediately alert you by phone, pager or e-mail. Or opt for at-home only alarms. Your options, with modular wired or wireless sensors, include:

  • Intruder detection with sensors to detect opening windows and doors, breaking glass, and movement inside rooms. The motion detectors are "pet immune" to minimize false alarms.
  • Hazardous condition sensors can be added to monitor for freezing, flooding, smoke and high carbon monoxide levels.
  • Temporary and special access codes. Give houseguests, neighbors and authorized visitors such as housekeepers and baby-sitters their own access codes. You can even make the codes "active" only for specific days/time periods.
  • Customized coverage. Arm some areas of the home, disarm others and put some areas on watch.

Temperature control and energy-savings

Honeywell's new communicating thermostat integrates with the Home Controller GatewayTM. Its advanced programmable features include "Adaptive Intelligent Recovery™" for optimum comfort and energy efficiency.

Lighting and appliance control

Plug-in modules connect the Home Controller GatewayTM to small appliances and lights, giving you programmable and remote control. Schedule specific interior and exterior lights so your home looks occupied when you're away. Have selected lights turn on automatically before you wake or after you go to bed. The system is flexible; you can add or remove modules at any time.


The Honeywell Home Controller GatewayTM is a lasting investment that will pay off for years to come. It's designed for easy upgrading to improved plug-in modules, downloadable software updates, and to fascinating future applications such as:

  • Latchkey child alerts that let you know your child has returned home - and notifies you if that hasn't happened.
  • Over-the-Internet video monitoring to check on children or an older parent. Energy and money-saving monitoring services from your local utility.
  • Ventilation and humidity improve ventilation with programmed operation of your home's furnace fan.
  • Integration of zoned temperature control, humidification and energy recovery ventilation systems are planned future enhancements to the Home Controller GatewayTM