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Get Wired

wired honeywellIn the 1990s many custom builders began pre-wiring homes to accommodate current and future security, entertainment, networking and communications needs. The "pre-wiring" trend is now spreading rapidly to less expensive, more affordable homes. Industry experts predict that by 2004, 45% of new single-family homes will have whole-house structured wiring.

What is structured wiring? Put simply, it replaces traditional electrical and telephone wiring (the kind thatís been installed in homes for 50 years) with an ultra-modern high-speed, "bigger pipeline" system. Hereís another analogy: Structured wiring is to conventional wiring what super-fast DSL or cable modem Internet access is to a frustratingly slow dial-up modem connection.

According to media rating service Arbitron:
  • "Streamies," people who listen to Internet audio, are 43% of Web users and 24% of all Americans.
  • In the last six months the number of people listening to audio available only on the Internet has doubled.

Rewiring a home, like replumbing, can be very expensive. If a new or yet-to-be-built home is in your future, an up-front investment in an advanced wiring system, such as 'Honeywell Your Home Network structured wiring', is smart money. It assures that, when you are ready, your home can be easily upgraded to Ö

  • Advanced home theater systems and video distribution (from cable, satellite, over-the-air broadcasting, DVD, VCR, and closed circuit cameras) to any room
  • Room-by-room stereo with "hidden" wall or ceiling speakers
  • Networked home PCs
  • High-speed Internet connections including (someday soon) broadcast quality streaming audio and video
  • Additional phone lines
  • Room-to-room Intercom and paging
  • Advanced security systems