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On this website we have displayed examples of products, projects and solutions that can create a perfect home theatre, home office or multiroom situation at your home.

  • You want to enjoy the mvoies experience at home?
  • You want to enjoy the Dolby Surround that your satellite receiver supplies?
  • You want to enjoy the sound quality from your living room in the office or in the kitchen for example?

When you have answered "yes" on one of the above questions and you want to spend as less time possible realizing this than our entertainment design is the solution.

Furthermore we have answers on the following questions:

A complete Dolby guide DVD recording pro's and cons'
What is 5.1, 6.1, 7.1...? What speakers for Surround?
What is Dolby Digital Surround EX Setup of spreakers
Dolby Digital vs DTS Plasma vs. LCD
What is THX? DVD-audio vs. SACD, what is the difference and which technique will survive?

Denon, Kef, Pioneer example

Other example sets