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What’s the best type of speakers for a home theater?


For best results, we generally recommend that the five main-channel speakers (left, center, and right front speakers, plus the two surrounds) be the same. At the least, all speakers should come from the same manufacturer and be designed to provide similar tonal characteristics, or timbre.

What kind of surround speaker is best: dipole, bipole, or monopole (direct-radiator)?


Placement, room acoustics, and other factors affect the sound of surround speakers at least as much as the radiating characteristics. We do advise that all surround speakers be identical, and that if they are not exactly the same models as the front speakers, that they at least have similar tonal characteristics, or timbre. The type of speaker depends a lot on the listeners or viewers preferences. Is there a preference for whatching movies indirect sound would give the best result. For the best quality in audio a direct-radiator would give the best results.

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