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What is THX?


For cinemas, THX is a trademark that identifies a cinema's compliance with parameters of Lucasfilm THX for cinema sound systems and acoustics. Unlike Dolby's focus on soundtrack formats, THX develops standards for the playback environment, regardless of film format. This is why the Dolby logo (identifying the film’s soundtrack) and the THX logo (identifying the cinema’s THX certification) often appear on the same marquee or advertisement.

For home theater, THX is a trademark that identifies home theater components such as sound processors and speaker systems that comply with performance parameters of Lucasfilm THX and/or feature their proprietary playback processes. These processes are applied to the signal after Dolby Pro Logic or Dolby Digital decoding, and are intended to produce a listening experience more like that of dubbing theaters where movie soundtracks are mixed. For more information visit the THX website.

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