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Examples products

The carefully selected products on this website are designed for a perfect home theatre and a professional office in your home. In this theatre you have for example the possibility to surf on the internet with the large plasma screen. With a multiroom system you are able to enjoy the music quality from your living room in every room in the house.

Home entertainment in combination with home office

You can trust the team of eaDHome with the design, the purchase and the installation of this audio/video and office products. We prefer to be invited in an early stage of the design of your new home to make a perfect fit. Together with constructing companies, electrical engineers and architects we are able to implement the system completely invisible in your new home. With wireless techniques or minor constructing we can of course also integrate the new system in your existing home.

The products in the home entertainment or home automation section are examples that can be used in your situation. The products are of a certain design or life-style or can be integrated invisable into the walls or ceiling, the products are all of high quality and will contribute to your viewing, listening and living comfort. To connect the quality of these products we use cable of Oehlbach.

Example systems:

  • Starter set up to EUR 3.500,00 (TV, receiver, DVD player, 5.1 satelliet with subwoofer)
  • Middle class up to EUR 5.500,00 (TV, receiver, DVD player, 7 speakers with subwoofer)
  • Top class up to EUR 15.000,00 (projector, receiver, DVD player, 7 speakers with subwoofer)