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Below you will find the five steps that we often use in our design plan. eaDHome is not a web store but a design-agency for home theatre, home office, domotics and multiroom fullfilment.

eaDHome supplies a home entertainment or home automation design via step:

  1. You can indicate what you want to experience in image, sound and communication, and togther we will make an inventarisation
  2. then eaDHome will perform a research, that results in a specification of the equipment for you.
  3. You will make the final decision on the offer and a plan will be proposed
  4. according to the specification the equipment can then be installed and setup
  5. after a few weeks there we will perform an evaluation

If you are just looking for a price for a specific product than we kindly request you to look at the official brand websites. You may find the link on:

When you are looking for a complete solution of high quality and fine design than we would like to understand your requirements. From that we can do a first inventarisation as described above. With your questions you can reach us via email, via fax or via telephone or you can complete the information request form. At your service.