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A small organisation that can expand when necessary for each individual situation with external parties and freelancers. There is no stock of the products shown on this website. This keeps our cost down. Demonstration possibilities are created with our partner suppliers and example projects. All these aspects ensure a clear cost structure.

Erno Hannink eaDHome


Erno Hannink has technical and commercial history. He wants to share his knowledge and experience in the home theatre and home office environment. We can give you advice in your particular situation, also abroad, design the installation in an existing home or a building that is still on the drawing board, we can even do the complete installation of your design.

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More information

For more information on these services you can contact us. For more information you can also read our method on this process.

With your questions you can reach us via email, fax or of course through the telephone or you can complete the questions/remarks form.

When you contact us through the telephone you may expect Monique on the line.