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Multiple multi room zones at home

Please remember that taste is very personal, and replace the decoration in your mind with your personal interior.

A reception with beautiful music.

The entrance of the home with aestethic integrated multi room speakers, amplifiers and control over a IR remote control.


A relaxing meal with back ground music.

The dining room is also conected to the multi room system and can therfor be filled with music of multiple sources. The control of the invisble integrated amplifiers and speakers is easy with the IR remote control.

dining room

Relaxing in front of the fire place

Left and right next to the fire place are the main speakers integrated into the living room. These speakers can be used in the stereo mode i.e. when playing a record or as the front speakers when viewing a movie in the surround mode.

fire place

Enyoing your favorite music while bathing

With speakers that are produced espacially for "wet" areas you can listen to your favorite music in the bath room. A fresh start listening to the "business" news under the shower in the morning or relaxing with your sound after a stressful day in the office in the bath tub. Of course you can select your channels over the IR remote control.

bath room