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A Renaissance Man

Photography by Randall J. Corcoran

Meet Steve Jenkins, a technophile and home theater buff who proudly admits to going over the top with a 12-seat theater that combines old European opulence with the slick wizardry of today's digital gear.

A Renaissance Man

renaissance style

ceiling screen seats
At 22 by 24 feet, the Jenkins' theater is as impressive in size as it is in performance and style. A 10-foot Stewart GreyHawk screen is elaborately framed below a domed ceiling with rope lighting to create any hour of the day with Lutron and a Marantz remote control.

ceiling closed
Custom-molded columns line the theater walls, while red velvet curtains conceal the Stewart screen. This throwback to another era, is packed with modern-day audio from Sunfire, James Loudspeakers and Clark Synthesis transducers.

seats projector beamer

theatre seats
A Marantz DLP projector is suspended above black leather seats, where guests get shaken and stirred thanks to Clark's tactile transducers.

room equipment

theatre complete style
The elegant master bedroom features a 42-inch NEC plasma display framed above the fireplace. It's the perfect spot to relax and watch a movie from either the Sony DVD player or VCR. Triad in-walls deliver the audio with control by Marantz.

living plasma fire place lazy