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Home entertainment design

The advantages for you

  • experience a movie or concert as if you where in the middle of it
  • a total audio and video experience in accordance with your interior
  • central control
  • usage of the latest and best technologies


A separate listening room
To enjoy your music collection in a special acoustical decorated room.
A home theatre integrated in your home
With a plasma screen or a projector and A DVD player combined with a Digital Dolby AV receiver you can watch a movie at home as if you are in the cinema. So watching a movie in your own home without the noises of other people, not worrying about the baby sitter, no transportation problems, etc.
Music and video in all rooms
You have a beatifull hifi setup in the living and you want to enjoy this quality in other rooms as well. You want control over your audio and video equipment in all your rooms. With multiroom this is possible.