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Examples of the possiblities

For the automation of your home there multiple suppliers in the market. The difficulty here is that most systems do not interconnect with each other. There is no global standard for communication in the home that is world wide used. So from the beginning it is very important to see which system suits your needs, now and in the future.

A manufacturer with a very complete package is AMX. This is a American manufacturer of equipment that can automate many types of equipment in the home, i.e. curtains, windows, doors, alarm, video, communication, music, dvd....

An example of what manufacturers could image in the internet bubble period is the refridgurator with internet access through a display; the Screenfridge from Electrolux. After the burst of the bubble this product was discontinued.

electrolux screenfrdige home automation ontwerp automatisering van het huis internet koelkast