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Part time jobs, flexible jobs and remote jobs have made the difference between living and working or between the home and the office smaller. Add to this the fast growth of the new media and it becomes clear that a comfortable working environment becomes increasingly more important. More and more separate space is decorated to be able to work in a relaxing way.

eadhome, home entertainment, theater, office, multiroom, design, wirelessHome office design

The design of your professional home office

Home theatre design

The design of an integrated home theatre

Total Design

A combination of exclusive Home Office, Home Entertainment and Domotica Design

These services can be incorporated in the architecture of your new home. The additions can be taken in account in cooperation with your architect and construction company during the design of your home. With the wireless possibilities of today it is also possible to add a home theatre or home office to your existing home.

More information

For information on these services you can contact us directly. It is then possible to schedule a first meeting in your home or office for an evaluation interview, see also our method on this step of the project.

With your questions you can reach us via email, per fax or of course via telephone or you can complete the questionaire.